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Barcelona's Futsal History Dates back to the Catalan Third Division in 1978

By Tim Sheldon

BARCELONA (6-5-12) - Victor Beceiro, former Director of Futsal for FIFA, has been around Futsal all of his life, because kids grow up playing Futsal in Spain.

victorbeceiro053112.jpg (3035 bytes)He first got connected with Futsal in an official capacity in 1996.when he was working as Sports Marketing and Sales Manager for Barcelona Promoció in connection with the FIFA Futsal World Cup in Spain.

"That was the first contact my company had with Futsal from a professional point of view," Beceiro said. "Other than that, thousands of kids in Spain have played Futsal their whole life."

(Photo: Victor Beceiro.)

Futsal at FC Barcelona dates back officially to September, 1978, when the new Futsal Section was launched as part of the Catalan Third Division. Futsal was completely amateur in Spain at that time, Beceiro noted, and retained that status until 2000, when the club gave Futsal full professional status.

The team's board of directors began taking the the team into the elite of the sport, and the program attracted a sponsor, Senseit, the brand name used by the mobile telecommunications company Laiwa.

Two important leaders along the way were former President Josep Lluís Nuñez, who was president of FC Barcelona between 1978 and 2000, and former Club Futsal Director and FIFA Futsal Committee member Joan Camps

The club soon after brought in superstar Javi Rodríguez. captain of the Spanish National Futsal Team. Rodriguez said the challenge presented at Barcelona made him decide to switch over from Playas de Castellon, with whom he had spent the past nine years.

By 2003, support had become much stronger and has continued to grow up to the present, where Barcelona has become a world leader in the sport.

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